Baby Whisperer Outlook


What Clients Say About Our Baby Whisperer

Erleen was instrumental for my husband and me during our first couple of weeks with a newborn. As first-time parents without any traditional support, Erleen provides much-needed knowledge, guidance, and rest! Throughout our time together, Erleen was professional, respectful, and supportive of the decisions we made. She taught us so much, from how to bath a newborn to how to relieve gas. Erleen was proactive in ways I wouldn’t have even known how to ask for. We can’t recommend Erleen highly enough. She will always be part of such a special time with our newborn.
Alexis, Warren & Wren
April 2021
Erleen was our night nurse for our first born son and she was amazing! She arrived early every evening and was incredibly kind and thoughtful. She is extremely knowledgeable about newborn care and we felt like our son was in such good hands when he was with her. We miss her dearly and know that anyone would be lucky to have her. We will definitely be using her again as we grow our family.
Taylor R
February 2021
After firing our 1st horrible night nanny due to hygiene and punctuality issues, we were nervous about working with Erleen. Within 24 hours we were SO glad we hired her because she was amazing. Calm, confident but not overbearing, listened and created a daytime schedule for me on her 2nd night with us (I didn't even ask her too, she was so proactive). On her days off, she would text me asking how our son's gas issues were and send me articles on how to increase breastmilk supply etc. One morning around 5:45am I found her on the floor doing tummy time with our son (I have never woken up at 530 to do that haha). She was invested and we felt how genuine and caring she was with our son and us. We still keep in touch as I trust her judgement and she sent us an equally wonderful part time nanny. She sent us on our 1st date night and as a first time mom, I couldn't believe how relaxed I was because I knew she could be trusted. We adore her!
Ravi and Gargi
January 2021
Hiring Erleen for the first two months of our twins’ lives remains one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. As first-time parents with premature babies, Erleen was exactly what we needed to feel secure and supported. At the same time, she gave us plenty of space to build our confidence and personal style as new parents. Erleen manages to be  comfortable and professional at the same time. She is easy to talk to and enjoyable to spend time with. After a difficult childbirth, I especially appreciated the care and attention she gave to me and my well-being. From day one, she worked with our kids to sleep train and build a routine, which was very important for us. Even after she stopped working with us in-person, she continued to be a resource and consulted with us over the phone for a few months. To this day, she continues to check in. You can tell that she truly cares about her clients and loves this work! 

Sarah S
February 2020
Erleen brings a wealth of experience to her role as a baby nurse. She started working with us when our second child was 6 weeks, and the baby was sleep trained by 14 weeks. Erleen began self-soothing techniques as soon as she walked in the door and though our little one was not a quick study, Erleen never lost patience. She's very level headed, has a clear approach but remains adaptable, and won't force you into anything that doesn't feel right. We sleep trained our first baby on our own using CIO and would have been fine with doing that again. But Erleen asked if she could use the extinction method. By the time it became clear the baby was ready for it, the process only took two nights! The baby is now eight months and she's a champion self-soother. And she loves her crib. I highly recommend Erleen, especially for first time moms. She will help steer you in the right direction and make sure that everyone is getting the rest that they need.
Christine B.
November 2020