Baby Whisperer Outlook


Newborn Care Night Nurse

Providing every parent needs to care for their newborn at the comfort of their homes. While the first few weeks of having a newborn can be very hectic a baby nights nurse will be your aide while you get the rest you need. This is a 10-12 Hours shift service includes as follow;

Sleep Training Program

Sleep Deprivation is a bad thing for both of you and your infant. Baby Whisperer is here to help you establish healthy sleep routines. We know every baby is different and that means every approach can be different but we will strive to provide you the assistance you need to reach that goal of letting you and your baby get the sleep you both need. 

Over the Phone Consultation

We always tell our clients that Newborn Care does not end after the period we have provided you our services because the journey of parenthood has a long way to go. So we offer over the phone and email consultation pertaining to all your questions in reference to your infant issues like regressions, colic, reflux, developmental concerns, and sleep deprivations. We will be with you every step of the way just reach out to us and book a schedule.

Getting to know your Newborn

From the very first day you bring the baby out of this world that means they are ready for you. Meaning you are dealing with a tiny human being with feelings, unique personality and full of emotions. As I have read from a quote in a book the easiest way of understanding your baby is by showing them your respect. Sounds confusing but let us put it this way every baby have their own way of conversing. Their means of communicating is express through their cry and body language such as cooing and body gestures. As what I always tell my client understanding your baby is a two way round you converse with them they listen, same thing as taking the time to observe your baby and learn to understand the gestures that she is giving you. The sooner you get it the easier for you to know what she wants and that my baby whispering lesson 101.

As we go along there are so much to learn and so much to discover and I am thrilled to share with you everything that I have learned from this practice.